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Having an extra feature never hurts, rebutted

On the Launchpad user list, we’re having a bit of a chat about whether or not to remove team polls.  One commenter suggested that “having an extra feature never hurts”. Curtis’s reply is so good I want to quote it here in full:
Actually, It always hurts. It is always bad:

1. The bad UI experience reflects poorly on all Launchpad.
2. A user tried to mess with URLs to avoid the UI and caused an
oops. I spent a couple days fixing an issue that I personally do
not think should ever have been a priority. Certainly there are
at least a 1000 more important bugs than the oops, but we
believe oopses are always high priority.
3. Pages are slower to load because the application looks for poll
4. We must update the code as libraries and infrastructure changes.
5. We need to triage and retriage all the poll bugs.
6. We need to answer user questions on Lp Answers and IRC.

It is better that Launchpad provides 5 really great features than to
provide 10 mediocre features. I prefer to remove the feature, but if the
community believes that it is important, we might work on this in the
upcoming Launchpad bugjam to close as many bugs as possible in a week. I
cannot foresee this feature being compelling in the net two years
without a contributor dedicating time to it.

The situation is eloquently stated by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is
nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take
 That is all.